Damon® Smile is a self-ligating, passive braces system designed to help you reach your smile goals faster, with greater comfort and a high-quality result. Dr. Valeriano is a Damon® Smile provider and has a high level of experience treating patients with Damon® Smile braces. 

Damon® Clear utilizes the same Damon® Smile system with clear brackets. The clear brackets function exactly like their metal counterparts. They are less visible and provide a more discreet way to straighten your smile. With Damon® Clear people may not even realize you are wearing braces.

How Do Damon® Braces Work?

Damon® Braces brackets are placed the same way as traditional metal braces. The brackets utilize a proprietary slide mechanism to hold the archwire in place so there is no need for elastic ties. The slide mechanism creates less friction between the bracket and the wire and applies a constant force throughout treatment. Damon® Braces has innovative technology that helps you achieve your smile goals faster and easier than you ever thought possible. With Damon® Smile, patients experience a more comfortable, shorter treatment experience.

Benefits of Damon® Braces

With Damon® Braces, you don’t have elastics to hold the archwire in place. Oftentimes with traditional braces, when wires are changed and new elastics are placed on teeth, the patient will undergo a period of intense tension described as pressure on the teeth. The Damon® Braces system uses a mechanism on the bracket to hold the wire in place thereby reducing the periods of the intense tension that come with each visit. Damon® Braces offers a gentle pressure that is applied consistently and patients report a more comfortable overall experience. Other benefits include:

  • Less soreness
  • Lower profile brackets
  • Easy to clean and maintain good oral hygiene
  • Faster results than traditional braces
  • Less frequent office visits

Damon® Clear

Valeriano Orthodontics is pleased to offer Damon® Smile, a passive, self-ligating braces system designed to accelerate your treatment and give you top-notch results. Dr. Valeriano has a high level of case experience treating patients with Damon® Smile. The self-ligating braces system can be used to treat many of the same orthodontic conditions as traditional metal braces.