Welcome to Valeriano Orthodontics, where your smile success story begins. Whether you’re a teen ready for orthodontic treatment or an adult looking to gain your confidence back, we are here to provide a different orthodontic experience for you!

At Valeriano Orthodontics we create beautiful smiles that provide you with a lifetime of confidence. We are a patient-centered, family-focused, state-of-the-art orthodontic office and our goal is to give you a beautiful, healthy smile. We take pride in providing our patients with a comfortable, nurturing environment and we might even have some fun along the way.  



At Valeriano Orthodontics, we believe cost should not be an obstacle in receiving great orthodontic treatment that is why your first consultation is on us! We will take digital images of your teeth and bite as well as x-rays so that we can recommend the best treatment for you. Utilize our OrthoFi patient tool to design a payment plan that fits your budget – it’s easy! 

Valeriano Orthodontics utilizes cutting-edge digital technology to capture ultra high resolution images of your teeth and oral structures. These images provide more accurate data allowing us to prepare a customized treatment plan that will result in a beautiful, healthy smile. The cutting-edge technology developed for orthodontics creates a better patient experience overall.

Your family and friends recommend us! Check out their smile success stories on our applause page. Our goal at Valeriano Orthodontics is to provide the highest level of orthodontic care for each of our patients. From traditional braces to Invisalign®, we strive to give each patient an outstanding experience by using cutting-edge technology to make orthodontic treatment both effective and efficient. We love getting your feedback and sharing our patient success stories.

Dr. Valeriano has over 2o years of experience creating beautiful smiles with traditional braces, Damon® Smile and Invisalign® for adults and teens. His expertise and additional schooling make him an expert smile maker!  At Valeriano Orthodontics, we want you to be able to choose the best treatment option for you and your lifestyle.

Did you know it’s never too late for you to start your smile journey? We provide orthodontic treatment for everyone. From early treatment for children, to a smile touch up for a special occasion, we offer high-quality orthodontic care for people of all ages. No matter what your smile needs, Valeriano Orthodontics will provide the right comprehensive treatment customized just for you!